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Xenites Hawai'i Merchandise


*Yoo-hoo*?? Have you always wanted to take a Hawaiian vacation, but never had the $$?? Well, you can fool your friends and family into thinking you took that long-awaited trip by buying our Xenabilia made right here in the Hawaiian Islands by hard-working local Xenites!! ;) Or, you can take that fantasy trip in your *mind* by wearing and showing off our Hawai'i Xenabilia!! ;) *hehe!*

All the proceeds will go towards helping the Hawai'i Xenites ("Xenites Hawai'i") get back in the black from the last *THREE* Xenafests. ;(

Our logo symbolizes many things about Hawai'i and about the show. The brownish parchment-like color of "Xenites" refers to the ancient theme of Xena, but also refers to the earthy feel of Hawai'i's people and culture. The rainbow chakram of course refers to our frequent rainbows and good weather. And there's a tapa design around the chakram, imitating the tapa cloths of Polynesia.

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 *SALE!*  6" x 2 3/4" Bumper Stickers  $2 2/$1
 *SALE!*  3" square Magnets  $2 2/$1
 *SALE!*  2" Metal Button Pins  $2 2/$1
 *SALE!*  Logo T-Shirts M *  $15 $5

* Please contact Jackie for info on other sizes.

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6" x 2 3/4" 
Bumper Stickers

3" Square Magnets
$2.00 2/$1.00

 Metal Button Pins
(Black, White)
$2.00 2/$1.00


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 *SALE!* Logo T-Shirts
M * $15.00 $5.00

All are Hanes Beefy or Heavyweight pre-shrunk 100% cotton tees and all have a white background except for the 2X and 3X sizes which are athletic gray. The design is an *extremely durable* iron-on transfer, and has not shown any signs of fading or peeling on any of our members' tees after *more than a year* of wear and tear.

*Please contact Jackie for info on other sizes.

Ordering Information

We're not really set up to take foreign money, so all funds should be U.S. Dollars--either check or money order payable to Jackie Young or Xenites Hawai'i.

In the U.S., Priority Postage will depend on weight--$3.20 for 2 lbs.; higher weights to be adjusted accordingly. Postage for foreign orders will have to be researched on a case-by-case basis.

Please e-mail Jackie if you're interested in buying our stuff, and *thanks* for supporting the Hawai'i Xenites! :=)

See What These Satisfied Customers Have To Say....

I still have my shirts from 1998 and wear 'em for very special occasions!
I love my shirt, it is super quality and the design/logo is killer. Is there any time or place where the "Be Nice" message is innapropriate? I think not!! And the fast and friendly attention from the Hawai'i Xenites is better than any old mail-order company!

--Kathy "Tri Tejk" Matejka

Bless you, just got the package and am so stoked I am five feet off the ground!!! Better than I thought, better than I could think posssible!!! Xenites Hawai'i rules the known world!!! It's great stuff sent in a timely and friendly manner!



Hey Jackie,
I just got it today and they are too cool!
I shall keep up on your website and order more stuff when I get more $$$$$!!!!
Thanks for everything!

--Daela :^)

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